International Norwegian celebrity designer, Author, Philanthropist & Motivational Speaker Geir Ness

At Taser Design, we provide custom design and fabrication services.
Uniqueness and Elegance is our concept of design.

Director & Producer of “On The Ropes”, “The Slick Boys”, “Pirate Alley” and “You’ve Got a Friend”.
Steve Wilburn

Catou Fashion House
Bernie Martin
Fashion Designer

CNN Youngest News Editor, Producer & Motivational Speaker Joe Sutton

President and Founder of Atela Productions, Inc.  Editor and Chief "Exceptional People Magazine"
Monica Davis

Actor, Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist Kevin Sorbo

Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Author
Shea Vaughn





Author Educator and Speaker
Marc Hoberman / Director
Grade Success,Inc.

Actress, Motivational Speaker and Author Barbara Niven

The most creative, newest online magazine

Former Professional Football Players (Chicago Bears) Guest Sports Commentator & Motivational Speaker Emery Moorehead

Type 40 Management Group
Ishmael Muhammad
Commercial, Hotel & Luxury Property

No Teen Riders Foundation
Alan Santana Founder

Academy of Mutual Interest in Motion Pictures

I am 4 Kids Foundation and Founder and Motivational Speaker Mark Papadas

Senwot Nella Productions

JB Dondola Foundation
Lumbie Mlambo