Mission Statement

Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc is a multi-faceted production company that is dedicated to inspires independent filmmakers with unique films, not only through dynamic and unique artistic endeavors but through production projects that have positive effects in the industry, whether in the North Americas or worldwide.

Our standards and creative expertise show high levels of economic and financial values. Together we set new standards of excellence in our respective industries that can include narrative films, documentaries, short films, and web series with compelling and powerful stories expressed with passion and dedication.

Meet the Team


Iuliana Moga

Director of Development

Born and raised in Bacau, Romania Iuliana discovered early on her passion for movies and film. But realizing she needed to have a good education she decided to attend the University of Engineering. Working with diverse businesses in Romania for a few years, she ended up managing the employees and accounting factors in an oil company for 2 years.

In 2003 she decided to move to Chicago, with her only son, where she met her now ex-husband and began an entirely new life.
In 2009 she graduated from Oakton C. College with a degree in nursing. Her dedication to nursing evolved into working closely with patients who did not have much medical support. With her unconditional service she was able to strengthen the community services and make a difference in so many other people’s lives.

Working in the healthcare field with DHS in marketing, allowed her to transition to teach and start a managerial position, whilst managing different branches of nursing and helping her patients of all ages with their specific medical and social needs.

To intensify her already busy work-life, she decided after her divorce, to start with her ex-husband a trucking business where she managed the day-to-day paperwork, employees, and financial records.

Getting back to her passion for the entertainment industry, and intensifying her already busy life, she started to work as P.A with the 47th Studio Productions helping with scout locations, production communications and acting.

The experience and learning more about the movie and film industry as a P.A. motivated her to pursue the managerial part of Sassy B Worldwide Productions Movie & Film Department to oversee, supervise and be creative in all the aspects while in process.
Her motto: “You must constantly try to climb very high if you want to see very far”.


Terrell Chris Holden

Creative Director

Terrell Holden a Chicago native is professional writer, actor, comedian ( AKA Cory Woods ) and an associate producer. Terrell studied at Second City, Chicago where he went on to perform Stand-up comedy throughout the Midwest as a feature act.
While visiting relatives in Ireland Terrell decided to visit some friends in Germany. Terrell was participating in a open basketball scrimmage at the German Sports School, Koln against the German National Basketball team. Terrell's speed and athleticism didn't go unnoticed and was ask to try out for the Cologne Crocodiles a professional American Football team. In his forth year Terrell decided to write a screenplay and pitched it around. Resulting in him retiring from football and working as a writer for Cologne Gemini Film Produktion, Picture Puzzle Media and A2T2 GmbH. Terrell also attended a semester at the International Filmshule Koln, wanting to have a more European approach to film making. After several years of writing, Terrell went back to his comedy roots. Performing at Johnny Hollywood's Comedy Nights, Night Wash Live with Klaus Jurgen Deuser, The Koln Comedy Festivals, and toured throughout Germany and The Rose d Or in Switzerland. Terrell also sold a comedy pilot to Endemol, Netherlands. Terrell has also lived in Amsterdam and Hungry.

Terrell associate produced an episode of the TV show Sangre Negra written and produced by Anthony Mckay.


Jessie Domingo

Director of Cinema-Photography

After attending Philippine College of Criminology and receiving his Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Associate he moved to the USA where he attended the University of Wisconsin for Advance Video Production in Television and Post Productions.

His extensive hands-on training in A/B Roll editing with ¾ Beta cam formats and portable studio from Center for New Television Chicago Illinois and training at the International Film Television Work Shop, allowed him to work for Sony Institute in California and gaining more expertise with high-end Sony cameras.

Over the past 30years, Jessie’s expertise reaches from broadcast, film, post, digital video productions, NAB conference to major movie studios. His diverse knowledge and expertise reach into corporate, TV commercial, Musical concerts, Documentary, Television Network producer, directing short and feature film, musical stage dramas, live multi-camera coverage, director of photography in feature films.
Additional expertise as editor in post, DPS Velocity Broadcast editing suite, Adobe Premier editing suit station, Final Cut Pro X Work Station.

Working on special movie projects early in 2018 he met his current partners Terrel Holden Woodfork, Iulina Mora and Beatrice Davis. Having new powerful projects on hand what could scream potential “Oscar”, together they decided to team up and establish their own movie & film production company. Under the already established Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc. it was easy to agree on a partnership and start setting the mark in the industry. The first movie project is already in the development and already raising funds and setting up production. Jessie is married and resides in Chicago. In his free time, he teaches film production and volunteers for many charities since he believes strongly in giving back to the community and supporting our children to brighten their future.

The motto he lives by “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Some of his works is available on youtube under jessie47thstudio/Jessie Domingo.